Vietnam fresh dragon fruit price

Fresh dragon fruit prices are up and down very often. The prices of fresh dragon fruit are often stable for about one week, but they often change every day.

White flesh dragon fruit price

The price

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Fresh Dragon Fruit, Longan, Rambutan Treated By Irradiation

Song Nam ITD is one of the best fruit exporters from Vietnam into United States. Our fresh fruits treated by irradiation before exporting to USA including white flesh dragon fruit, red flesh dragon f

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Song Nam ITD expands white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon fruit business in USA

Song Nam dragon fruit is now one of the best brand of quality Vietnamese dragon fruit imported into United States of America. With the good procedure of planting, harvesting and especially sorting,

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Dragon fruit grades, sizes, and packaging for exportation

Song Nam ITD is a professional company in farming, packaging and exporting dragon fruits from Binh Thuan province, Vietnam to all over the world. Right after harvesting, dragon fruits must be sorte

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White flesh dragon fruit and Red flesh dragon fruit for USA

Song Nam ITD is a one of the best dragon fruit farms, packers and exporters to USA markets with premium quality. We have white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon f ruit farms coded for USA mar

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Song Nam dragon fruit exported into USA

Song Nam dragon fruit is a premium brand of Vietnam dragon fruit, the most quality and popular in the world. We have exported our white flesh dragon fruits into United State of America, the most di

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GlobalGAP dragon fruit for European market

GlobalGAP dragon fruits have developed in Vietnam since 2008. Song Nam ITD is exporting GlobalGAP dragon fruits to Euro, United States of America, Singapore, Thailand …

Good Agricultural Practice

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Song Nam dragon fruit introduction

Song Nam dragon fruit is a quality brand of Vietnam dragon fruit from Binh Thuan province, Vietnam, the capital of dragon fruits of the world.

We are dragon fruit growers, packers and exporters. W

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Fresh dragon fruit for India market

Song Nam dragon fruit is an out standing brand of dragon fruit exportation by air and by sea from Vietnam. We have exported fresh dragon fruits by sea to India since 2015, right after India had accep

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