Dragon fruit shelf life and temperature

If the temperature inside of dragon fruits are too cold, it will be soften and damaged. If it is not cool enough, the spines will go yellow, not good looking as fresh. 

If a dragon fruit is k

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Tips on choosing a dragon fruit

Well , so you can get good quality dragon fruit , try some of these tips when going to buy dragon fruit.

1 . Check the outer skin of dragon fruit . Dragon fruit has a bright pink color and smooth .

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Cure fatty liver with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a type of tree is growing in popularity in countries with hot and humid tropical climate. Dragon fruit has a sweet taste, the fruit is known to be cool, have the effect of the heat,

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Effective slimming effect with dragon fruit

With low-sugar, contain more fiber and water so long bar is folded into the list of foods are good for people who want to lose fat. In addition the Dragon fruit contains vitamin C to help whiten t

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