Condensed with dragon fruit

trai-thanh-long-da-lam-nen-dieu-kyBinh Thuan dragon fruit very popular now. Going across the country, ubiquitous presence Binh Thuan dragon fruit. Step out world, dragon fruit look is popular right fruits originating from Vietnam.

Also be noted that, in Binh Thuan accounted for 90% of national export ... It was magic dragon fruit fruit its position on the road, like the fairy tale of the ugly duck turns gorgeous swan!

Each plant fence

Binh Thuan is people, not without knowing who and dragon fruit flavors tasted his hometown. Some even remember dragon fruit tree appeared in local generation fathers, when he was grown in a fence. Due to the good adaptation to natural conditions in the sun and wind and vitality, so no need dragon fruit previously cared for like other crops. And of course at that time, dragon fruit not bring anything of economic value to the conversation, let alone for export now.

Binh Thuan climate harsh, dry year-round excitement back to southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon blowing from the sea. It must not have any type of local climate like that, so that it does contribute to the species specificity "wild". From crystalline natural source of nutrients and energy in the sun's abundant tropical waters, Binh Thuan dragon fruit has become very personal taste. For foodies who can easily identify the Binh Thuan dragon fruit can not unmistakable dragon fruit grown over Tien Giang, Long An ...

Become tree "Enriched"


Since finding a solid foothold in the market, is Dragon fruit crops are more Encouraging local development and Poverty reduction as a solution to. But miraculously, not only Helped tens of Thousands of Farmers out of Poverty but am also create many cases Opportunities Legitimate dragon fruit for get rich ... this is thanks to the Attention of Provincial Authorities and Relevant Agencies local power consumption, thus Binh Thuan dragon fruit Dozens of is now exported to countries and Regions. In Asia, there are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore ... with European Markets are the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany ... Recently, Binh Thuan dragon fruit beast "Pioneering publication" and Vietnam's fruits trở first entry into the USA market is very difficult.

For products that meet market needs throughout the year, people also invented Binh Thuan dragon cultivation methods husbands, for off-season flowers. Prices for main dragon, dragon fruit fruit is also appreciated for doubly so families with two or three hundred head was "alive and well", they have thousands of office is to balance. The face of rural areas in key areas dragon fruit jacket and shirt from that new mansion full color designs and are constantly growing up, living standards improved significantly. After a few winning seasons and won for the price, not the people at home are car shopping, hands muddy land that has known so nobly with the steering wheel ... farmers in Binh Thuan dragon fruit much sense now, well known proactive international economic integration to elevate the value of the product and market expansion potential. Many units have applied boldly and international organizations accredited production model dragon GlobalGAP (formerly EurepGAP). As Cooperative Production dragon fruit Ham Minh City (31.7 ha), Trang Hoang Hau (80 ha), Ngoc Han Farm (12 ha), Duy Lan Farm (11 ha), Bao Thanh Company Limited (11 ha), Thanh Thanh farm (9 ha) ...

Worthy product advantages

With what dragon fruit bring local economic value of the brand and, then fruits worthy product advantages of Binh Thuan. So the years, the province has always focused attention and investment in the infrastructure, especially the power supply system to meet the production demand for dragon fruit fruit farmers. A surface enhanced steering development towards safety dragon fruit, on the other hand promote the transfer and application of advanced science and technology to ensure product quality. In addition, other local market forecasts, timely oriented businesses and households to participate fruit production with high efficiency. Such as: Adjustable time and light pallet area, not focusing on a large scale to limit output surge, avoid "touching queue" ...

After PPC issued Decision, Construction Project pilot-Business-Cooperative Farmers dragon fruit consumption and supply of agricultural materials in the province were deployed in late May 7/2012 has through. Thereby shows, product Binh Thuan advantage of very local focus as more proven top spot, bringing exports mainly agricultural products. And what's more, this product advantages are associated with the "life" of more than 22,000 farmers are directly involved in the production-business ... Hope dragon fruit and policy compliance solutions, "dragon green "Binh Thuan will continue to fly high for the continuation of the miracle fruit tropical waters. As the story of the dragon fruit has high economic value to China when I was introduced to do ... is planted in Vietnam fence. I do not know anyone believe it?

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