Song Nam dragon fruit introduction

Song Nam dragon fruit introduction is a quality brand of Vietnam dragon fruit from Binh Thuan province, Vietnam, the capital of dragon fruits of the world.

We are dragon fruit growers, packers and exporters. We get dragon fruits directly from our farms and other farmers, then sort the quality fruits to comply with each costumer’s requirements and standard of the market for exporting. So we always can provide our dragon fruit costumers the best quality as their requirements with a very competitive price, because of no middle agent.

Song Nam dragon fruit farm and packing station are located at the center of dragon fruit fields of Vietnam. Our country has more than 40.000 hectares of harvesting dragon fruits, and thousand hectares are expanding every month.

Our farmers are also experts on using artificial lighting to have dragon fruits at any time they want. So we can have dragon fruits every day, almost all year round. On an average, Vietnam exports more than 150 containers (40ft) or 3000 tons, of dragon fruits. Mostly are white flesh dragon fruits, just about 10% is red flesh dragon fruit.

Song Nam dragon fruit packing station can provide 3-5 containers (40ft) of white dragon fruit per day, almost all year round. For red flesh dragon fruits, we can provide 2 containers per week. All are best quality for exporting by air or by sea. For second grade of dragon fruits left after sorting, we sell at local markets or export by trucking to near our countries within a few days.

We are professional growers, packers and exporters of white flesh and red flesh dragon fruits. We are looking for long term business with fresh fruit importers, distributors, fruit supermarket chain buyers, wholesalers, partners … around the world. We always provide dragon fruits comply with all markets (USA, Canada, EU, Japan, Korea, India, China, Asia, Dubai, Middle East …) and satisfy our costumers by good quality as their requirements with very competitive price.

Thank you very much for interesting in our dragon fruits.

Song Nam dragon fruit.

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