Dragon fruit grades, sizes, and packaging for exportation

Song Nam ITD is a professional company in farming, packaging and exporting dragon fruits from Binh Thuan province, Vietnam to all over the world. Right after harvesting, dragon fruits must be sorted and packaged for exporting.

1. Dragon fruit grades

Fresh Vietnam dragon fruits are sorted into 3 grades:

  • Grade 1: outstanding quality for exporting with the defecting surface is less than 2 cm2. The green skin is not acceptable. This grade can be exported by air, by sea or by trucking.
  • Grade 2:  good quality for exporting with the defecting surface is about 2-4 cm4. The green skin is acceptable. This grade can be exported by trucking (to China) for local market, because of short shelf life.
  • Grade 3 : not good quality with virus, bacteria on the skin. This grade is left at dragon fruit farms when harvesting or left at dragon fruit packaging stations when sorting.

2. Dragon fruit sizes

Vietnam dragon fruit is the best quality and the biggest dragon fruit in the world. We often export 2 sizes basing on the weights of dragon fruits:

  • Small size of dragon fruits : 300 – 450g per dragon fruit.
  • Big size of dragon fruits : 460g++ per dragon fruit.

For each market, we often call the number of dragon fruits per carton is the size, for example:

  • Dragon fruits for China market are often packaged 20.5kg (nett) per carton. So the sizes for big size is often are 31-37 dragon fruits per carton, and the sizes for small size is 48-52 dragon fruits per carton.
  • Dragon fruits for India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore are packaged in 9kg (nett) per carton. So the sizes of dragon fruits will be 16,18,20 for big size and 22,24 for small size.
  • Dragon fruits for USA market are packaged in 4.5kg (nett) per carton. And the sizes are 7,8,9 dragon fruits per carton….

3. Dragon fruit packaging

All dragon fruits will be packaged within the harvesting day and then will be pre-cooled before loading onto containers for exporting. This process is strickly applied to make sure that the dragon fruits are still fresh during long their shelf life.