White flesh dragon fruit and Red flesh dragon fruit for USA

Song Nam ITD is a one of the best dragon fruit farms, packers and exporters to USA markets with premium quality. We have white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon f ruit farms coded for USA market, and FDA code number for exporting to USA, so we control from planting follow USDA standard to packaging and exporting fresh dragon fruits to this high demand market.

Fresh dragon fruit for USA market

Within 48 hours, dragon fruits from farms can be harvested, packed, irradiated, exported and transited by air in cool cargo to any airport in USA. So the dragon fruits are very fresh on supermarket shelves.

Our fresh dragon fruits are also can be transited by sea to USA in cold containers for both white flesh dragon fruits and red flesh dragon fruits. The transite time is about 18 days (Longbeach, California). Their shelf lives are 4-6 weeks in cold condition.

Import dragon fruit from Vietnam need a special FDA registed number

For new costumers and importers or retailers without FDA number or do not like to deal with custom procedures, Song Nam ITD can help you to import and clear customs, so you can take the goods at airport on the arrival day.

Packaging of white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon fruit

– White flesh dragon fruits must be taken from farm coded for USA market

– Premium quality white flesh dragon fruit

Dragon fruit weight: 321g – 785g  per fruit

– 4.5 kgs (10 lbs) nett per carton. One layer of dragon fruit only.

– Big sizes of dragon fruit: 7/8/9 dragon fruits per carton

– Small sizes of dragon fruit : 10/11/12 dragon fruits per carton

– All fresh dragon fruits are treated with irradiation before exporting to USA.

Minimum of quantity

– For air shipment: 200 cartons of dragon fruits per AKE

– For sea shipment: 200 cartons of dragon fruits for container 20ft or 40ft.

Season of dragon fruit

We have fresh dragon fruits both white flesh and red flesh almost all year round.

Prices of dragon fruit

We can provide you fixed price for whole year or can quote monthly/quarterly/half year for white flesh and red flesh dragon fruits.

More discussions of long term dragon fruit business for USA market, please feel free to contract us via mobile/whatsapp number: +84908861168, Skype: ngqduansn or email: ngqduan@songnam.net.