Song Nam ITD expands white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon fruit business in USA

Song Nam dragon fruit is now one of the best brand of quality Vietnamese dragon fruit imported into United States of America. With the good procedure of planting, harvesting and especially sorting, grading the top quality of dragon fruits for USA market, we have satisfied all our partners and costumers in USA.

Whereare Song Nam dragon fruits distributed and sold ?

We have gradually expanded our markets in many states of America, from the West to the East and the South to the North. Song Nam white flesh dragon fruit and red dragon fruit have been distributed in Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Florida, New York … From these states, the dragon fruits are deliveried and sold to consumers around USA via wholesalers, supermarkets, local markets and retailers.

How have Song Nam dragon fruits been imported into USA ?

Together with other fruits such as rambutan and longan, Song Nam white flesh and red flesh dragon fruits have been exported by air cargos daily or by sea containers weekly.

How to get quality dragon fruits from Vietnam to USA ?

Just contact Song Nam ITD.

We are looking forward to cooperating with all USA fruit importers to develop the dragon fruit business together.

More discussions of dragon fruit long term business for USA market, please feel free to contract us via mobile/whatsapp number: +84908861168, Skype: ngqduansn or email: