Dragon fruit – a good fruit for your health

According to Wikipedia, Dragon fruit (also known as pitahaya or pitaya, or even strawberry pear) is a fruit that only comes from tropical and subtropical areas such as Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Florida, etc. Dragon fruit is known for its vibrant red skin, sweet taste andthousands of small seeds within its own.
Not only it has a unique look but this fruit also provides a lot of nutrients for the human body. Thanks to the open world economy these days, everyone who is not from tropical countries can also find Dragon fruit either in fresh or frozen shape via supermarkets and suppliers from all over the world.
However, there are so many other benefits from Dragon fruit that we bet you haven’t heard before. Want to know what are those? Let’s keep reading for more info!
1. Full of Nutrients and Fibers:
Dragon fruit provides to you all essential vitamins together with minerals but in a very low in calories level. It also contains a substantial amount of dietary fiber which is good for your health, especially digesting system. It may also protect you from, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and maintaining a healthy body weight!
By breaking down a one-cup serving (approximately 227 grams of Dragon fruit), we will have:
• Vitamin C: 9% of the RDI
• Calories: 136
• Vitamin E: 4% of the RDI
• Magnesium: 18% of the RDI
• Protein: 3 grams
• Fat: 0 grams
• Fiber: 7 grams
• Carbohydrates: 29 grams
• Iron: 8% of the RDI
According to many Health researches lately, it is recommended to have at least 25 grams of fiber per day for women and 38 grams for men. So with just only 7 grams of Dragon fruit per one-cup serving, your daily fiber requirement is basically solved!
2. Dragon fruit helps your Immune system becomes stronger:
The Immune system is the system inside your own body that has an ability to fight against outside infections, which is determined by various factors, and the quality of your diet is also one of them.
Carotenoids and vitamin C that come from Dragon fruit will boost your immune system and prevent infections by protecting your white blood cells from damages and harms.
Also, notice that Dragon fruit is one of the few fresh fruits that contain iron that can boost Low Iron levels and it also contains vitamin C which helps your body absorb iron better. The Iron plays a very important role in transporting oxygen throughout your whole body and breaking down food into energy.
Dragon fruit may be an awesome choice among other iron-rich foods such as meats, nuts, etc… because for one fruit serving contains 8% of your recommended daily intake (RDI).
3. So how to pick the right one and eat properly? 
Dragon fruit has a very unique thick but smooth skin that can be peeled out easily using sharp tools. The important thing is to find the perfectly ripe one in order to have its great taste.
Don’t pick any dragon fruit when it’s still green from the outside, go for the bright red one instead. If you see any small spot on the skin, don’t worry, they are normal signs. However, too many big spots that look like “bruise” will mean that particular Dragon fruit is overripe. Sometimes but just holding it on your hand, you can decide which one is ripped, which one is overripe through your feeling. A ripped one should feel soft enough but not mushy.
Here are few tips for you to eat Dragon fruit properly:
 Cut it into half with a sharp knife.
 Use a spoon to scoop out the fruit meat or you could continue to cut it into many smaller pieces (or cube shapes).
 Remove the meat with a spoon or by just your fingers.
 Combine with salads, yogurt or make it like smoothies, etc. to add more flavors.
Dragon fruit is one of the most delicious tropical fruit that you should give it a try. With its amazing taste and colorful skin from the outside, Dragon fruit will provide you all essential nutrients, fibers and other vitamins that could benefit a lot for your health. Let’s try out and share with us your thought!