The things that you need to know about Dragon fruit farm

I. Origin to produce delicious, clean and nutritious dragon fruits.

In the world, Dragon fruit has also another name such as pitaya and strawberry pear. Especially, the dragon fruit is described by many as a piece of kiwi and a pear at the same time.

Vietnam is the only country in Southeast Asia growing and exporting dragon fruits. Vietnam has a total area of about 2000 ha. The dragon fruit farm is suitable for growing in hot areas with high light intensity. Moreover, trees grow on many different soil types such as gray soil, alum soil, and red soil. The dragon fruit farm is cultivated a lot of places, for example, Long An, Binh Thuan, Long Khanh and so on.

II. The technical process of planting dragon fruit farm.A dragon fruit farm in Viet Nam

1. Dragon fruit seedlings

Dragon fruit in Viet Nam has three varieties: round fruit shape, long fruit, rambutan fruit (small size). The Dragon in Vietnam has mostly white bowel type, moreover, in Viet Nam has red and yellow intestines.

2. Ecological requirements

Water, temperature, light, and soil have the influence of process and production of dragon fruit.

3. Garden design

The farmer needs to prepare carefully the planting soil, planting windbreaks, cuttings, density and spacing in dragon fruit cultivation.

4. Technical Skills and CareDragon fruit farmers in Binh Thuan

The essential condition is indispensable that is manured and fertilizer and irrigation. Especially, Crop care techniques for pest and diseases in dragon fruit cultivation has to take carefully interest in cultivating.

5. Harvesting of dragon fruit.

Generally, Dragon fruits become harvesting after 1 month of flowering. And dragon fruits start flowering in May to June month.

III. Useful for Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit full of nutrients. Dragon fruit contains minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus as well as it also contains60 calories per fruit and is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3. Especially, not only is the dragon fruit good but the dragon fruit also has miraculous uses in the treatment of many diseases, for example:

Dragon fruit helps good for the heart and diabetic, furthermore, it prevents arthritis, cancer, and constipation, improves the immune system, helps delicious, beautiful skin, and against aging, prevention and treatment of acne.

IV. Export situation of dragon fruit in VietnamDragon fruit is good for health

Throughout the production process to create fresh and nutritious produce. And Vietnam has a lot of dragon fruit farm, where the largest exporter of dragon fruits in the world. Current markets are Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, … and few European countries buy in small quantities. Good care garden has about 70 – 80% of fruits meeting export standards, export price is 1.5 times of domestic price.

According to the General Department of Customs, dragon fruits account for 32% of the total value of Vietnam’s vegetables and fruits. The export value of dragon fruit is nearly double the export value of the two types of fruits ranked below – $ 121 million and mangoes ($ 104 million).