Why Red dragon fruit is so unique?

The Red dragon fruit (also known as Hylocereus polyrhizus or Strawberry pear) is a fruit that grows on long cactuses and they are often being seen growing up trees, fences or even walls. Itonly comes from tropical countries such as Southeast Asia, Florida, the Caribbean, etc. Red dragon fruit is different with normal Dragon fruit and Yellow dragon fruit because of its unique Red flesh.

There are so many things about Red dragon fruit that we bet you have not heard before. Let’s join us on this article to find out more!The Red dragon fruit

1. How to differentiate Red dragon fruit from the rest?

White dragon fruit has a lighter skin color with longer leaves. A fully grown white dragon fruit can weigh 500g per each. If you harvest White dragon fruit too early, its weight could be less 200g than usual, which mean they are not ready to be consumed. The flesh of the White dragon fruit has higher in acidity than the Red dragon fruit. Because of that, this is a perfect combination when making the appetizing salad.

On the other hand, Red dragon fruit has a shorter leafs than the White one, its skin, however, has a unique dark red with a little touch of purple. When putting Red and White dragon fruits side by side, you will easily recognize that the size of the Red one is smaller. When cutting Red dragon fruit in half, you will see that its flesh has a unique purple-red color, with a sweeter taste (White dragon fruit taste a bit bitter). Some people also find that Red dragon fruit tastes quite mellifluous. It’s recommended to eat them as a dessert fruit.Red and White dragon fruit side by side

2. What benefits that we could have from a red flesh?

Well, it has been confirmed that the flesh of Red dragon fruit tastes sweeter than the White one and its nutritional value is even higher also. Another fact is, it has the highest anthocyanins compares to other fruits like grape and Red beets.

Anthocyanins have so many good effects such as anti-oxidation, anti-radical, anti-aging. It also helps to improve the prevention of brain cell degeneration and controlling dementia. Together with that, Red dragon fruit also contains vitamin C that will help to whiten your skin, as well as a wealth of water-soluble dietary fiber for your healthy diet plan, lowers blood sugar, and prevents colon cancer.one Red dragon fruit every day is good for health

3. Other interesting facts that you should know:

– Red dragon fruit price is higher than the White and Yellow dragon fruit. In China country, Red dragon fruit price might be 2 times higher than the White one. And of course, it’s because Red is tastier and sweeter than the rest.

– Itsflowers can be bought into dishes for decoration purpose, possible to digest also. Its color can be used to refine food coloring.

– The vitamin C comes from Red dragon fruit flesh is more easily absorbed than vitamin C from medical pills. Some bloggers from the internet have also confirmed that it helps to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes.

Summary: Red dragon fruit has so many great benefits

Red dragon fruithas so many good things that other dragon fruits don’t. Let’s get one every day for a healthier life, would you?