Attractive things in the dragon fruit packaging

I. General introduction of dragon fruit
Over the past years, Vietnam’s agricultural products have gained the trust of many countries in the world. Therefore, the proportion of agricultural products exported through the years of economic growth has brought high economic value.
Farmers harvest dragon fruit
Processes of dragon fruit production such as cultivation, harvesting, processing, dragon fruit packaging preservation.
II. The process of packing a dragon fruit properly
1. Receiving and unloading at the packhouse
The quality supervisor allows loading and unloading from the registered garden with the packhouse, the net weight of each basket, the arrangement of the merchandise at the yard, the orchard and can be identified by the area code. Produced to maintain the origin and to avoid disturbance of the manufacturer. In particular, record the product details received in the logbook produced at the dragon fruit packhouse.
2. Goods inspection, selection and storage
In the selection and classification area, workers must wear gloves to classify large and small fruit sizes, insect pests under the supervision of quality supervisors.
At the first inspection stage, all crates are clearly marked, providing information on the name of the plantation, the area code, the variety, the date of harvest and the receipt from the list of registered gardens about dragon fruit packaging.
3. Fruit processing after harvest
After being sorted into isolated and put into the post-harvest area for processing.
The dragon fruit is dipped in a sterilized sterile water bath containing OZON detoxifying detergent 5-8 minutes and then picked up in the plastic tray and transferred to the dried area for dried fruit surface. And move to the left bagging area and dragon fruit packaging.
The entrance to the grading and packing area is covered with a plastic veil, ventilation, and insect screen, insecticide to kill all insects in the room. The fruits are classified according to their size and are packed in 10kg or 25kg buckets.
Dragon fruit factory in Tien Giang
The dragon fruit is packed in 10kg or 25kg buckets and stamped on each dragon fruit. Containers are separated by pads to prevent damage. Packaging and carton are classified to meet the standard for dragon fruit export. All buckets are sealed with adhesive tape to prevent insect infiltration.
The process supervisor at the dragon fruit packaging stage will make a summary of the production process in the production logbook detailing the quality of the fruit, the number of trays/trays received in the process date/time of  the production process, quantity/number of boxes packed and the number of fruits removed from the packhouse.
4. Unloading, sealing, shipping and loading containers.
Dragon fruit is packaged in containers and is loaded into containers at the packhouse’s packing area. The shipping area is also securely sealed to prevent the return of the trolley to the factory. Cargoes are also carefully checked to ensure thorough cleaning of the insect free entry from the vehicle.
When loading and unloading at the packhouse, the container doors must be closed, locked and sealed appropriately and sealed to ensure the integrity of the dragon fruit packaging.
5. Factory sanitation, human hygiene
All floors are cleaned and disinfected at the end of the session.
Processing dragon fruits for export in Long An
The packhouse personnel will be trained in the sterilization process, cleanliness, picking and sorting, packaging and labeling, handling, handling and storage management, and hygienic practices while holding the fruit on hand at a time in the packhouse’s process conditions.
6. Record management, logs, customer feedback and periodic inspections
The plant will record and maintain logs related to the production process, record plantation surveys after harvesting and field inspections, record production processes for each period in a year. And make official inspections by authorized persons and maintained until the end of each season.
The plant will develop and maintain an appropriate customer feedback and this activity is undertaken to ensure the supply of quality fruit for export.
III. The process of preserving dragon fruits is as follows:
The product is stored at a temperature of 4-80C, humidity 85-95%. The dragon fruit packaging is done on the day, ensuring food safety, does not affect the quality and beauty of the fruit. Applying the above process, dragon fruit has good storage time from 30-35 days, ensuring quality and time to transport to distant markets.