Red Flesh dragon fruit type I

Type I
Weight: Above 450g / results

Red flesh dragon fruit has completely different characteristics compared with conventional white dragon in the market today.

Outside the red dragon fruit enclosure hard, bright bold red; deep inside the outer red like crimson, they fancy nutrient composition double white dragon. With only some Vitamin C 12-6, Protid 1.30 to 1.08, Vitamin A, glucide, lipid, the red flesh dragon bring very high nutritional value.

Red dragon fruit is a new product, strange, tasty, nutritious, a product “made in Vietnam” this nay.Hien U.S. export code issued for red flesh and technically advanced audio production red flesh is strict adherence to product FSH, residues of plant protection as well as a number of other requirements … have been exported U.S. counterparts, Japanese, European Credit. Characteristics of this type of dragon fruit is very small but looked heavy weight (~ 1kg/1qua), bright red flesh, fried rice, fragrant, especially very sweet, rich in vitamins and minerals. But the price of this white dragon fruit is slightly higher than the white flesh but it tastes especially delicious, and became senior food delicious and unknown to consumers at home and abroad.

According to the scientific literature (scientific journal) published recently, the active ingredient lycopene has anti-cancer, anti-aging …… more fruit in the red beet, carrot and special … red dragon fruit. In addition, according to Japan Feng Feng, all establishments producing processed products are tested simultaneously farmers first planted red flesh dragon pilot in Tay Ninh said: “When you eat, as opposed to the red rose on beautiful natural environment. The fruit is a natural color levels are high, can color the food processing, cosmetics like lipstick production, ‘powder makeup, make cancer drugs, complementary wine is good for health and elderly women (Institute Paster recognition). In addition to ordinary usage can be forced to drink water dragon is very cool. During the forced break up particles, provide more fiber is good for digestion, helping laxative.