Frozen dragon fruit and other ways to store it

Dragon fruit is not only a beautiful tropical fruit with a sweet taste; it also has many health benefits as well. While they have many perks, dragon fruits have a very short time before they go from fresh to funky. Choosing the best storage strategy for your needs and knowing how to spot expired fruit can help you munch on dragon fruit even longer. In this article, we have some effective suggestions for you.

1. Storing Dragon fruit in short-term

– Do not peel or cut the dragon fruit if you don’t eat it right away. Peeling or cutting a dragon fruit will shorten its life significantly. If you don’t eat it right away, the easiest way is just to leaves it inside the storage spot to ensure it stay fresh.

– If you want to store it longer, you can keep it inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator can slow down the ripening process. This way, the dragon fruit can last up to 2 weeks or even more.– Dragon fruit can last a couple of days before it expired so if you are going to eat it in the next few days, you can just put it on the counter.

2. Storing Dragon fruit in long-term

– You can make frozen dragon fruit to store the dragon fruit much longer.

– Peel the dragon fruit and cut it into cubes.

– Place dragon fruit’s cubes on a baking sheet or a plate. Make sure that none of them touch each other when placing them. This will make it easier to remove when you want to use.

– Freeze the dragon fruit overnight to ensure that all the cubes are completely frozen.

Frozen dragon fruit will become mushy when it is thawed. So, it is best to use for pureed foods.– Remove the frozen dragon fruit from the baking sheet. Place them into a plastic bag to keep them fresh and protected. Make sure to label the bag with the date so that you will know how long the fruit has been stored.

– Do not choose the frozen dragon fruit if you want to enjoy the fresh, tastiness of the fruit.

3. Recognizing expired Dragon fruit

– Check if your fruit has any dull color. If you left the dragon fruit in the fridge or freezer for too long, its color may fade away. If you find any dull color, cut open the fruit to make sure it is still edible.

– Check for split-open cracks on the skin. The fruit is no longer fresh if it has any cracks or splits on its skin.

– Make sure the frozen dragon fruit is not frostbitten.

– If the dragon fruit’s flesh has turned brown, it is rotten and it’s time to throw it away.