Song Nam dragon fruit exported into USA

Song Nam dragon fruit is a premium brand of Vietnam dragon fruit, the most quality and popular in the world. We have exported our white flesh dragon fruits into United State of America, the most difficult market. Now, we can export white dragon fruits by air and by sea to USA. For red flesh dragon fruits, we go to USA by air only. All the dragon fruits must be treated by irradiation before export into USA.

It is a very strict process of exporting dragon fruits from Vietnam into USA.

White flesh dragon fruits for US market

Dragon fruits in cool store

All dragon fruits are treated by irradiation

Aircargo of dragon fruits

Airway bill of dragon fruit shipment to USA

Dragon fruits for USA market are harvested from dragon fruit farms coded by America Ministry of Agriculture, packed at packing factory coded by America Ministry of Agriculture and exported by professional exporters with registrated FDA codes issues by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Song Nam is a professional grower, packer and exporter of dragon fruits. We control all the process from selecting dragon fruits at farms to packing, irradiating and loading onto containerts complying with costumer’s requirements and Americal standards.

We wish to export more and more our Song Nam dragon fruits from Vietnam into American market by building long term business relationship with our costumers and parners.