Cure fatty liver with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a type of tree is growing in popularity in countries with hot and humid tropical climate. Dragon fruit has a sweet taste, the fruit is known to be cool, have the effect of the heat, in addition to eat can directly processing the tea, mannequin is very delicious and nutritious.

According to modern medicine, in 100g edible portion, Dragon fruit provides 85-87g water; 1,1g protein; 0 fat radio telephones; 11 common road, 2g; 0, 59g ash; many vitamins and minerals: vitamin A 011mg, 0; 3mg vitamin C; 2, 8 mg vitaminPP; 10, 2 mg calcium; 6, 07mg of iron; 27, 5 mg phosphorus; 27, 2 mg potassium; 2.9 mg sodium; offer 40-60 calories.

In nine dragon fruit results contain mucilage soluble fiber, pectin, and insoluble fiber cellulose is both effective prevention and treatment of constipation, obesity, atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel … very effective.

Dragon fruit is also a low-sugar-containing fruits, rich in ma-nhê, many vitamins and minerals, the fewer calories (40-60 calories) low heat, so Dragon food often is good for people with diabetes, people with fatty liver and obesity hot heat, are in need of losing weight.

If you suffer from fatty liver can use the Dragon fruit every day you use. Or you can use a long bar 200 g, 100 g of ripe pineapple, juice or smoothie drink made of several days. Very good for health and good for the treatment of patients with fatty liver.

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