Effective slimming effect with dragon fruit

With low-sugar, contain more fiber and water so long bar is folded into the list of foods are good for people who want to lose fat. In addition the Dragon fruit contains vitamin C to help whiten the skin, helping to lower blood sugar.

According to Oriental medicine, Dragon fruit (the first one) are sweet, sour, the cooler, the effects of heat, chemical wastes, only covers the basics of leap. Trunk has a weight function lost (to help its tendon isokinetic energetic and informed throughout the Meridian) and detoxification. United have the added effect of discarded, but ho. in particular, mucus in the Dragon fruit helps reduce cholesterol and bile salt their food.

Therefore, the overweight, who have elevated blood pressure cholesterol should eat Dragon fruit. The dragon is also relevant to human disease diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, chronic constipation.

Dragon fruit has low calorie, high fiber, very effective in detoxification and weight loss. Dragon fruit which contains vitamin C to help whiten the skin and fat loss, helping to lower blood sugar. The Dragon is also very effective in the prevention and treatment of constipation.

Red varieties contain lycopene, an antioxidant that natural substances can fight cancer, heart disease, and lower blood pressure. This is very nice and fruits are good for health. Red dragon fruit has a completely different character than the usual White Dragon out of the market today. Outside the red flesh dragon fruit have hard shells, bright bold red; In addition to the deep red like son, like white-fleshed dragon fruit nutrition. With Vitamin C 12-6 index, 1.30 to 1.08 protid, Vitamin A, glucide, fat, red flesh dragon bring very high nutritional value.

A fruit of medium size medium popular budget compliance costs for all classes, not fear masquerading as imported fruits. “Sweet-Cool-ease of use” is the phrase that best describe the quality of the dragon fruit, but especially red flesh dragon.

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