Preserving the beauty of your skin with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit has a positive effect in keeping the beauty of your skin, one of the most important factors for a woman’s beauty.

Dragon fruit is one of the fruits have nutritional ingredient that works best for keeping beauty and stature of the woman. Dragon fruit producing only 40 calories per serving because in Dragon fruit component of water takes up to 87.6 percent. This high water content helps keep your skin moisturized, smoother skin, cracked dry skin reduction, hornfels and aging, keep your skin looks beautiful youthful freshness.

Fiber components contained in the Dragon fruit is also very high compared to other fruits, including 2 types of insoluble fiber (cellulose) and soluble fiber (pectin) help regulate the digestive system, reduce dangerous substances for the body such as the fat, cholesterol, the toxic substance to … reduce the risk of breakouts, boils on the skin. As part of the long purely contains no fat, along with low energy levels and rich in fiber help maintain the body ward off obesity phenomenon, the most dangerous enemies for beauty and health of women.

Although low energy due to the water and fiber they comprise high in ingredients, fruit contained full of nutrients your body needs micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. The types of nutrients has a role in the metabolism of the substance in the body, balancing the body’s activity reduces the produce and harmful effects of certain substances, the agent triggers the cell’s old, early and most visible are the skin cells.

This is a common fruit type, available everywhere, all four seasons with prices very soft and suitable for all the family. Dragon fruit can be made into various dishes such as: vitamins, cocktails, as the fruit of … than fresh as the other fruits. In hotter weather, thirsty, eat a dragon fruit cool is not what makes us feel cool, refreshing because it was refreshing, but we still get her skin a fun, simple way, economically and most are bringing over existing platforms with the use of expensive cosmetics.

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