Unique uses of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit also called wall contact, the scientific name is Hylocereur undatus (Haw) Britt. Et Rose, in the Cactus (Cataceae).

According to Oriental medicine, Dragon fruit has a sweet taste, tart, cool sound effects, thermal properties, chemical wastes, only covers the basics of leap, radio. The trunk has a weight function lost (to help its tendon isokinetic energetic and informed throughout the Meridian) and detoxification. United have the added effect of discarded, except for cough.

In particular, mucus in the Dragon fruit helps reduce cholesterol and bile salt their food. Therefore, the overweight, who have elevated blood pressure cholesterol should eat Dragon fruit. The Dragon is also relevant to human disease diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, chronic constipation.

Peel the shell off the stem and thorns, wash with dilute salt water, retire or get ragged partake lotions for excessive flame burns, Scalds boils, inflammation of the Parotid gland, nail boils, bone fractures.

When a beautiful white flowers bloom, was used to cure bronchitis, inflammation of the lymph nodes can lao, alcohol detoxification. Dosage 15-30 g fresh, good drink or 10-12g dried good drink teapot to drink.

Can cooked lean pork with dragon flower to make a healthy soup, cure weak lung condition or suffering from cough radio. Dragon fruit is a source of vitamin C is essential for the body to help cure a number of diseases caused by lack of vitamin C.

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