Tips on choosing a dragon fruit

Well , so you can get good quality dragon fruit , try some of these tips when going to buy dragon fruit.

1 . Check the outer skin of dragon fruit . Dragon fruit has a bright pink color and smooth . If there are dirty spots , bruises , or used a knife , should be avoided . Look for the dragon fruit color evenly

2 . Touch dragon fruit stem . The stems are tender showed that the dragon fruit is ripe .

Also check the leaves or petals that cover the skin of dragon fruit . They also must be brightly colored with no brown color on the edges .

3 . Such an avocado or mango , dragon fruit is ripe can also be measured by the elasticity of the meat . Press your finger into the skin of the dragon fruit , if it’s too loud means immature fruit.

4 . Smell the scent of dragon fruit . If you smell the aroma of tropical light means the meat inside the skin of the dragon fruit was ripe and sweet.

5. Place the dragon fruit that you have purchased at room temperature to ensure maturity . The ripe fruit is usually pink / pink . After that , you can store ripe dragon fruit in the refrigerator for five days .

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