How to become a Dragon fruit wholesaler?

According to Vietnamese fruit exports report early on this year, Dragon fruit has dominated the whole market for the first four months of 2018 with the amount of $427 million US dollar, 09% increased compared to last year.
From here, we could see that the dragon fruit business is rising up and now is a good chance to jump into this market, if you’re a businessman. If you want to do fruit business but not sure how to become dragon fruit wholesalers, we got some tips for you right here.
1. Prepare your own business plan:
Alongside with selling dragon fruit, you will need to sell other vegetable products such as flowers, herbs, or even other products eggs, milk, butter, cheese, and specialty foods such as olive oil, nuts and seeds, and organic produce in order to keep your business ongoing.
Selling other kinds of fruits to expand your business
Grocery stores can also assist your dragon fruit wholesalers business by providing their services like delivery service; manage orders via phone or email or website from customers. They can also supply help you to supply local restaurants, coffee shops and other places that need your products.
Taking advantages from grocery store services
2. Is there a chance to compete with other dragon fruit wholesalers?
In order to be successful with dragon fruit wholesaler business, you will need to prepare for yourself a very good knowledge and willing to do it by any cost. You will have to know when a harvest season come, ripening time, how to identify a fresh and good quality dragon fruit, etc.
Dragon fruit wholesalers need to have good knowledge
We can’t deny that you will be soon success in this field but you will need to know your competitors on this business also, having a good selling strategy and be aware of your enemies. Do always remember to research your competitors, especially those big ones like supermarket groups since they have their financial power to purchase massive products at a low price.
Supermarket groups prefer to purchase in a large amount with low price
3. It is very important to find a good location:
In order to become dragon fruit wholesalers, you will need to remember that location is very important because most of your customers will be local people. That’s why a convenient location will help you to attract more and more new customers every day.
4. Prepare equipment for your business:
The outlay could be costly, as you want your shop to look attractive. It should have the following items installed in the shop.
Once you’ve setup your own store, if you want to make it more attractive, these following items should not be missed:
 Refrigerators to store and display your products to customers.
 A freezer for your frozen products, in case you will sell frozen fruits.
 Purchase shelves with several types of heights to make your products more attractive while being displayed.
 Few scales to weigh your products.
 An electronic cash register to keep your money and printing receipts.
 Credit card swipe machine for those customers who prefer cashless payment.
To become one of the dragon fruit wholesalers is not easy but it is not impossible to achieve that title. We hope that few tips above will help you to have an overall view of this business and wish you all the best!