Fresh dragon fruits treated by Vapour Heat Treatment

Fresh dragon fruits from Vietnam must be treated by Vapour Heat Treatment before exporting into Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Before packaging and exporting, the dragon fruit fruits must undergo vapour heat treatment (VHT) for 40 minutes at 46.5 degrees Celsius at a minimum of 90% humidity at a processing facility approved by Vietnam’s Plant Protection Department (PPD).

The dragon fruit fruits must be free of insects and diseases and must not have contaminant pollutants. The dragon fruit farms must be in accordance with relevant conditions and programmes.

The fresh dragon fruit must originate, be produced and exported from Vietnam, in accordance with relevant conditions and programmes, as well as a certificate of no-insect infection in the area of biological safety control.

Song Nam ITD has developed from a dragon fruit farmer, packer to a branded exporter.

After Ameraican market with Radiation treatment for fresh fruits, now we are farmiliar with Vapour Heat Treatment for fresh dragon fruits. We can export white flesh dragon fruitred flesh dragon fruit and pink flesh dragon fruit both by air shipments and sea containers.

We are looking forward to build long term cooperations with importers, distributors, wholesales, supermarket chains in fresh dragon fruit business for Vapour Heat Treatment markets.

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