White flesh dragon fruit type I

Type I
Weight: 450g – 650g / results

White flesh dragon fruit is one of the fruits nutritional components best suited for keeping body shape and beauty of women.

Each 100g of fruit 40kcalo provide for the water dragon fruit component accounted for 87.6%. This high water content helps keep the skin moist, smooth skin, reduce the phenomenon of dry cracked skin, thickening and aging, keep skin looks youthful freshness.

Ingredients contained in fiber dragon fruit is also very high compared to other fruits, including 2 types of insoluble fiber (cellulose) and soluble fiber (pectin), which regulates the activity of the digestive system , reducing hazardous substances to the body, such as fat, cholesterol, toxins … reduce the risk of acne, boils on the skin. The composition of the red dragon fruit contains absolutely no fat, along with the low energy and high in fiber helps keep the body away from the phenomenon of obesity, the most dangerous enemy to beauty and health of women.

Although low energy and water due to a high percentage of fiber in components, dragon fruit contain adequate amounts of nutrients needed for the body including vitamins and minerals. The micro-nutrients have a role in the metabolism of the body, balancing the body’s activities, and reduce the production of harmful effects of some oxidising agents, the agents causing elderly old cell, is the most visible early and skin cells.

This is a common fruit, everywhere present, all four seasons with the price is very soft and suitable for all the family. White flesh dragon fruit can be processed into various dishes such as vitamins, making cocktails, fruit jelly … do besides taking fresh as the other fruits. In hot summer weather, thirsty, eat a dragon fruit cool not only makes us feel cool, refreshing beverage as is, but we are doing good for their skin a single simple, interesting, particularly economic and fundamental than that of the use of expensive cosmetics.