White Flesh Dragon Fruit and How to eat them

1. What is White Flesh Dragon Fruit?
Dragon Fruit is a tropical fruit grown in South East Asian, Central and South America, Mexico, and Israel. It is also known as pitaya or the strawberry pear. It tastes sweet and crunchy.
Though at first sight it may look a bit strange but cutting and preparing this delicious fruit is very easy. It is a good and healthy fruit and can also be used in salad, drinks, and desserts. Dragon Fruit has 3 main species. The White Flesh Dragon Fruit has white flesh and pink skin. The Red Dragon Fruit has red flesh and pink skin. The last one has yellow skin and called Yellow Dragon Fruit.
The most common Dragon Fruit you will find is the white flesh dragon fruit.
2. Choosing and Storing
White flesh dragon fruit can be found any time in the year. The season peaks in summer and lasts into early autumn. To choose a delicious dragon fruit, look for the one that has bright, even-colored skin. Do not choose the one that has many blotches, it may be over-ripe.
The fruit should be a bit soft but not too much. If it is firm, you may need to ripe it for a few days. Ripe dragon fruit can be stored a few days. To make it longer, place it in the refrigerator. Do not cut it until you want to eat it. After the cut, it can last for a day in the refrigerator. When the flesh begins to turn brown, it is time to toss it.
3. Cutting
White flesh dragon fruit is very easy to cut. Inside the flesh will have many tiny black seeds and they are edible, just like kiwi.
– Place the fruit on a cutting board or a clean surface
– Cut it straight down
4. Separating
Just like avocado, you can remove the flesh from the fruit very easy by using a spoon.
– Use the spoon the separate the flesh from the skin
– Lift the flesh out of the skin
– The skin is not edible but can be used for serving.
5. Slicing
You can slice the fruit any way you like. Just remember to check if the flesh still gets some skin or has any brown on it. You can even use a melon baller to make a cute fruit ball for the kids.
6. Enjoying the White Flesh Dragon Fruit
After slicing the fruit, you can return the flesh into the skin to serve. Or you can just simply serving it on a dish. White Flesh Dragon Fruit can be used as a healthy drink, so if you have a grinder, don’t hesitate to try it with this fruit. You can enjoy the sweet and crunchy taste of the fruit in many ways, so try on and see what you can create from this amazing fruit.