Dragon fruit shelflife that has the best quality and most effective

I. Dragon fruit classification
In order to have good quality and good quality dragon fruit shelflife, and to allow fresh storage for the longest time, we should harvest the fruit from the 30th to 32nd day after flowering. At this stage, the fruit is beautifully colored and the other biochemical indicators achieve optimum value.
Commercial dragon fruit quality is due to its attractive color and shape. Therefore, when grading to meet export standards, dragon fruit shelflife should meet the following criteria:
Weight: varies according to the needs of the import market:
 European market: 250 – 300 g / fruit.
 China market: 400 – 600 g / fruit.
 Singapore market: 300 – 500 g / fruit.
 Hong Kong market: > 400 g / fruit.
Dragon fruit – good quality and no pests
The fruit is not damaged by fungus insect pests.
Left clean, beautiful shape, glossy shade, red uniformly over 70% area of fruit, the nasal cavity is not deeper than 1cm and left without a nose protruding.
Straight, green and long ears over 1.5 cm (for Central Market Ears as long as possible).
The meat is white and hard, black seeds (white intestines). The fruit is red and hard, black seeds (red bowel).
The fruit does not have mechanical damage or bruising, no blot or sunburn or chemical spray.
According to the Sub-Institute of Technology, Post-harvest can be classified by weight, in which the dragon fruit is classified into four categories:
 Category 1: over 500 g
 Category 2: from 380 g to 500 g
 Category 3: from 300 g to 380 g.
 Category 4: less than 300 g.
Flesh color good quality, grain quality
According to this classification, fruits of grade 3 and above can be exported.
II. Methods of preserving dragon fruit 
1. Preservation of dragon fruit shelflife at normal temperature:
This is a way of preserving the temperature and humidity of the natural air. Dragon fruit shelflife preserved in this condition with good airiness can keep fresh for 5-8 days.
2. Preservation of dragon fruit by cold treatment:
Storage at 20 – 240C, dragon fruit will be fresh from 8 to 10 days. Storage at 12 – 140C will keep fresh for 15 – 20 days. However, do not store dragon fruit shelflife at temperatures below 50C because of cold damage, on the dragon fruit will appear brown spots, loss of beautiful aesthetics.
3. Preservation of dragon fruit shelflife,  how to treat drugs:
Use gibberellic acid (GA3) with 2 packets of powder (each pack contains 1g), mixed in spray 12 liters, spray all around the fruit, which works to make the dragon blue and harder. Processing before harvesting from 1 to 3 days.
In this way, dragon fruit shelflife can be kept fresh for 10-20 days.
4. Preserve dragon fruit by adjusting the air components:
The principle of this method is to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduce the oxygen concentration in the air around the fruit to reduce the respiratory rate of the fruit.
Use a 20-30-needle polyethylene wrapped with needles, wrapped in dragon fruit and covered with sealing. This technique combined with the cold temperature at 50C, dragon fruit shelflife can keep fresh for 40 – 50 days.
Cold storage of dragon fruit
5. Preserve dragon fruit with ozone, chlorine:
Use ozone solution (ozone water), wash fruits, then dry, pack, store in the cool house, dragon fruit shelflife keeps fresh 40-45 days. If combined with cold storage can keep fresh for 60 – 75 days.
Soak the fruit in a 200 ppm chlorine solution for about 3 minutes to prevent bacteria and prolong the storage time.
Especially, all chemicals used before and after harvesting for dragon fruit are only used within the allowable limits of the Plant Protection Department. medicines and concentrations to ensure that fruits at the time of sale have no biological or physiological effects that could harm consumers.
Not only is dragon fruit an attractive tropical fruit with a sugary taste, but it has many health profits as well. While they have many benefits, dragon fruits have a very short window before they go from fresh to funky. By choosing the best storage approach for your needs and knowing how to spot depart fruit, you’ll be chew on dragon fruit even longer.